The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Provincial Government published the KP Human Rights Policy in 2018. It was the first province to enact a policy after the powers were devolved to the provinces. The policy addresses rights of women, children, transgender persons, minorities, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and human rights defenders. It also discusses the civil and political rights separately. The policy first provides a summary of the existing protections in the Province for these groups. It then lists recommendations to extend the scope of these protections.

In its section on transgender persons, the policy states that gender identity is integral to every person’s dignity and humanity. Further, it declares that gender identity must not be a basis for discrimination. It further provides definitions of “gender identity”, “transgender”, “transman”, “transwoman” and “intersex”, in accordance with the Yogyakarta Principles.

The KP government has instituted a committee for transgender rights, allocated funds to initiate empowerment programs, and has been drafting a special policy to address human rights concerns of transgender persons. The policy recommends that KP advance transgender rights by providing welfare benefits and initiating public sensitisation activities. Finally, it states that all policies drafted to safeguard transgender rights and welfare must incorporate the Yogyakarta principles.